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Hogan's Road 19 Lots

19 Lot residential development, scope of works included drainage, earthworks, civil works for electrical and NBN and more than 1,700 square metres of pavement construction. 

Works included the construction of a court bowel, 200 lineal meters of internal road network and 50 lin.m of road widening along the existing abutting road. The project included bulk excavation works for road boxing, installation of water, sewer, drainage, electrical and communications services - all delivered within a 22 week time frame and within budget. 


  • Clearing and preparation of existing site

  • Stripping of site

  • Road preparation

  • Outfall drainage & internal drainage works 

  • Installation of new sewer network

  • Installation of new potable

  • Installation of new gas network

  • Installation of electrical and communication conduits

  • Installation of new kerbing, driveway crossing and footpath

  • Installation of new asphalt pavement

  • New signage and line marking to road and road surface

  • Site clean

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