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Myrtle Grove

16 Myrtle Grove Ballan is a 18 Lot residential development, located in the township of Ballan. The development included the upgrade to Myrtle Grove Road from the Ballan-Greendale Road to the newly constructed access road, Pearson Court. The project included bulk and detailed excavation works, installation of water, sewer, drainage, electrical and communications services - all delivered within a 20 week time frame and within budget.     


  • Clearing and preparation of existing site

  • Stripping of site

  • Road preparation

  • Outfall drainage & internal drainage works 

  •  Installation of new sewer network

  • Installation of new potable

  • Installation of new gas network

  • Installation of electrical and communication conduits

  • Installation of new kerbing, driveway crossing and footpath

  • Installation of new asphalt pavement

  • New signage and line marking to road and road surface

  • Site clean

600dia Stormwater FCR backfill.jpg
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