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West Coast Business Park- Stage 4C

West Coast Business Park - Stage 4C is an industrial development consisting of 10 industrial sized lot’s.  Works included the construction of Cylinders & Haystacks Drive, drainage, civil works for electrical and communications and more than 3,700 square meters of new roads all delivered on time and on budget.  


  • Earthworks 

  • Clearing and preparation of existing site

  • Stripping of site

  • Road preparation

  • Augmentation of existing drainage pits to suit new lid installations. 

  • Installation of new sewer network

  • Installation of new potable water network

  • Installation of electrical and communication conduits

  • Installation of new kerbing, driveway crossing and footpath

  • Installation of new deep lift asphalt pavement

  • New signage and line marking to road and road surface

  • Site clean

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